Dive into the world of colors

Have you ever wondered why some days we look fresh and young and others pale and sickly having not undergone any change in health or lifestyle? Or why does a certain color (from a t-shirt, lipstick or other) in a photograph of a magazine or on a friend seem so beautiful and fascinating while it does everything another effect on us?

It is all a question of colors and their harmony with our skin, hair and eye color! The science called the game is called armocromia, which shows that the choice of wardrobe colors, make-up and hair coloring cannot be determined exclusively by our personal preferences and intuitions, but must follow certain rules and models that depend on our natural colors. If you are interested in knowing all the nuances of color and learning how to apply them in everyday life for your personal style, then you need a color analysis session that includes:

testing with special testers of colored fabrics and determining the season to which they belong using the modern method of directional analysis;

determination of the dominant and secondary characteristics of natural color, explanation of the differences;

visualization of basic concepts on color, presentation of Itten’s circle and explanation of how to work with color and its use;

a detailed personal color palette with division into groups and an explanation of where and how to apply each;

information on the basic rules for combining colors and their use in the wardrobe;

examples of color combinations in harmonious images for your armocromia;

description of the fabrics recommended for you;

color tips for hair coloring and makeup;

advice on colors to avoid and some tips on how to integrate existing clothes into your wardrobe in a safer way.

After the color analysis session you will receive:

Your personalized palette of colors, which you can take with you during shopping or keep in your phone for consultations;

The Itten circle in electronic format: initially it will be useful for you to choose and match the colors of the clothes and accessories;

The main rules of combination of colors in harmonious outfits;

At least 10 illustrative examples of color combinations suitable for your type of season (armocromia), usable at different times in your life (office, leisure, evening, vacation, etc.).

After color analysis it will be much easier to choose clothes, accessories and cosmetics. You will select only the colors that suit you and, at the same time, you will have greater awareness of when to use one or the other color and their combination. In addition, you will learn to independently combine clothing in your wardrobe, creating interesting combinations, avoiding trivial or inappropriate colors for you.

The consultation is carried out live in Naples and in the province, or on Skype by appointment agreed. In this case, the determination of the armocromia is carried out using additional photos and all the material is sent by e-mail.