Review of the wardrobe

This service is for you if:

– You are an active woman who cleverly divides herself between work, family, passions and social life. All morning (and evening) preparations are kept to a minimum and combining things in the closet becomes an impossible task. You are not sure if you like your clothes and you often feel that you have nothing to wear, even though you have so many things instead. You want your image to reflect not only current trends but above all your inner state, and that your wardrobe keeps pace with the rhythm of your life, but for some reason it is constantly late, slowing you down too.

– Do you want changes in life or new experiences? Do you want to achieve goals in the private or professional sphere? Maybe your social status has changed or needs to change? Your desire for growth and transformation must inevitably also pass through your wardrobe! We will analyze your goals together and we will adapt your image to help you reach them!

– You are passionate about fashion and shopping and shopping for yourself is both a pastime and a fun, but your wardrobe has stopped working! No more space for even a pair of gloves and the process of choosing the outfits has turned into a lottery…

I will help you face your wardrobe, organize it and direct it in the right direction! I will analyze it from the stylistic and qualitative point of view, indicating the clothes and accessories to keep and those now obsolete or inadequate to your physical characteristics or set goals. You will get to know your armocromia and the type of physicality, as well as your stylistic personality and you will learn to use this information to match the garments of the existing wardrobe and to make future purchases. I’ll make looks with existing clothes, including accessories and shoes for different occasions in your life, and we’ll make a list of missing items for future purchases.

Wardrobe analysis is possible live at your home and remotely via Skype.

As a result, you will have:


a list of complete outfits and their photos or collages for different moments of life

detailed list of items missing in the smallest details for shopping (not accompanied by a professional!) – for example “loose fit white cotton t-shirt with a fancy print”, “medium size geometric raffia raffia bag”

general recommendations for choosing colors and cuts suitable for the type of body and armocromia

general notions on the basic wardrobe, on the wardrobe capsule, on the style and trends appropriate to your stylistic personality, your goals and your physical characteristics.


After ordering the service, I will send you detailed instructions to perform the analysis as efficiently as possible, both live and online.