Personalized shopping

in Naples, on the Amalfi Coast or on the islands: Capri, Ischia, Procida.

  • Are you planning a vacation or a weekend in Naples and besides visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world, wandering through the streets of ancient Pompeii and contemplating the Gulf of Naples at the foot of Vesuvius, to taste local delicacies and wines, do you want? find real Neapolitan style pearls, become famous all over the world, discover the real tailor-made tailoring and handmade accessories or simply renew your wardrobe in the multiple shops of the Neapolitan capital without stress and wasting time with the help of a specialist .You live in Naples or its surroundings, you want to update your wardrobe or radically reconsider your style and buy complete outfits that enhance your physicality, armor and fully reflect your stylistic personality. You have difficulty understanding what gives you the most between the vast choice of shops and current trends or you have little time to devote yourself to systematic shopping, so individual purchases do not bring the desired result, making the whole process stressful, inefficient and little enjoyable.

    Live outside of Italy and dream of shopping in a country where the air itself is imbued with fashion and style! Naples can become a real discovery – gastronomic delicacies, breathtaking landscapes, warm sea, exceptional and contagious hospitality, the joy of the Neapolitans – make this city a favorite destination for millions of tourists. You’ll be surprised by the wide range of designers, chain stores, artisan shops and stores worthy of any European capital.

    Do you want to make an exclusive gift to the special person? A day of shopping with a professional will not leave you indifferent!

    I will make the buying process a real pleasure! Together we will reduce the time spent searching for the right cuts and colors and the reflection in the mirror will finally begin to delight you. I will take care of the choice of clothes according to your needs, the objectives to be achieved, physical characteristics, preferences and lifestyle, while you will only have to try the options proposed. I’ll take you through the streets of beautiful Naples and I’ll show you the work of local artisans, whose existence you don’t even suspect! My knowledge of the city and its surroundings, as well as an in-depth analysis of the current collections of the shops, will save you time for shopping and give you the opportunity to dedicate yourself to something else.